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YouMe Support Foundation Guinness World Record

Successful World Record

On November 19th, 2009, YouMe Support Foundation hosted a successful Guinness World Record, on the tropical island nation of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific.

world record

838 participants broke the world record for 'How Many People to Write A Story in 24 Hours'. Using mainly school students from the capital Port Vila, the record was broken in just on 10 hours.

The challenge was designed to highlight the plight of school students in Vanuatu, where only just over 16.8% of students actually make it to high school. As there is currently no free education, up to 26% of children never go to school at all, through lack of funds.

Vanuatu Treasure

The students were transported to the tent by Melanesian Tours. They were registered on entering the tent, then assisted to form their sentence by student teachers from Malapoa Teacher Training College and and re-registered before reaching the writing station.

An air of excitement filled the large marquee, as the participants waited patiently for up to over an hour at times, to write their one sentence, in a continuous story. According to the guide-lines laid down by Guinness World Record, only one person was permitted to write at a time.

students Student teachers from the Malapoa Teachers Training Colletge assisted the children to make-up the story.

The story involved two children and a giant tortoise flying across the 1000ks of tropical islands in the search of a treasure map. On their journey they encountered many wonderful treasures of Vanuatu, that any tourist could actually go and visit.

Throughout the day everyone was able to follow the progress of the story, as each chapter's cartoon was displayed on a notice board.

Rick and Wendy received the award for a successful Guinness World Record attempt, from Chris Sheedy, the Asia/Pacific Guinness World Record adjudicator.

"This is the first time I have been asked to a pacific island to adjudicate an event," Chris said.

"This is the first time I have been asked to a pacific island to adjudicate an event," Chris said.

Chris commented on the sound organization that ensured a fooproof method used to ensure the large number of participants achieved the goal. Chris also commented on how the challenge embraced and enhanced the riches of the local Ni-Vanuatu culture.

The finished scroll will be published as a book.

  prime minister


Rick and Wendy photographed with Chris Sheedy, George Borugu (Chairman of YouMe Suppport Foundation) and Prime Minister Edward Natapei.



Prime Minister's Speech

In his speech, Prime Minister Edward Natapei complimented YouMe Support Foundation for setting a second Guiness World Record for Vanuatu. The other one is held by the underwater post offce at Hideaway Island Resort.

It is hoped the three life size cartoon characters of the story will find a place in the cultural museum, as part of Vanuatu's rich heritage.

The 35 chapters of the story were fabulously illustrated by a local Ni-Vanuatu cartoonist, Guy Deroin.

The Guinness World Record attempt was another part of highlighting the activity of YouMe Support Foundation in Port Vila. The first student entered the program in January 2009. It is hoped many more will enter in Janaury 2010.

There is a special way you can help.

Sign any 10-13 year old up in the challenging and exciting Geekoterre 'Education Through Fun' club and put a Ni-Vanuatu child through highschool. Check it out now!

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